The Moodle addon database got a new addition recently, that of a category for projects which are “incubating”. According to the category description,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Moodle plugins listed in this category do not yet meet all the different standards and criteria to be listed in the matching plugins category. They may be eventually re-evaluated and propagated once the detected issues are fixed.

Important Plugins here may requires special attention during the installation, and sometimes even needs hacks to core.

Plugins in this category are excluded from automatic updates. The code here is more likely to break when you upgrade Moodle and we generally do not recommend installing it unless you have Moodle developers on hand to help maintain it.

Think of it as the testing grounds for new Moodle plugins that might do something awesome but also might need additional help in maintaining on your site if you were using it in production. Recently I showcased the Bookmarks (within book chapter) plugin which is available in this category. Three additional plugins now also reside in the category: My Feedback, Exam, and SNA SUNYU.

Each is available to either use at your own risk or to play around with on a non-production site. If you’re a developer you can also offer to help get these plugins out of incubation and into the standard plugin repository where they’ll benefit from automatic updates and install like the rest of the addons.

Check out what’s incubating at


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