Lewis Carr has posted about his experiment with the Moodle’s default text editor Atto. He has changed the white color of Atto to a dark contrasting color with white text.
Acc. to the original post:

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We love trying different things and bending code to make things funky, so today we took a look at the ATTO editor in Moodle from a graphic design perspective.  And although we already love the current look (it’s the best editor Moodle has ever had), we thought it would be fun to play with some styles and see just how different it can become.
And this is what we came up with.  We decided to go with a very dark contrasting editor, something that really moved away from the traditional look and feel of ATTO.  We had to make the text white so it was readable.  This darker colour allowed us to really make the top buttons pop off the page.  We replaced the core icons with icons we created, and decided to use text rather than images. Again, just to experiment with and see what is possible we made the icons BIG! When we toggle the buttons the screen fills up quite quickly which is kinda fun if not crazy.

You can read the original article here.

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