In the last week entries of the new plugins in the Moodle plugins database, Analytics graphs is a block which generates graphs intended to facilitate pedagogical decisions.
Analytics GraphCurrently the block shows three graphs with information:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Which users accessed file and URL resources.
  • Which users have submitted assignments on time or late.
  • How each user is accessing the course and its resources in each course week.

These graphs allow the teachers to send messages to users according to their behavior inside a course. It is possible to click over graph elements in order to send email to a group of students (first two graphs) or to a particular student (last graph).
To download the latest version of the analytics graph plugin, please check out this link:
Currently it supports all moodle version starting from Moodle 2.2
Thanks Marcelo Schmitt for such a nice analytics plugin.

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