Recently Joshua Bragg, Moodle admin at RJ Reynolds High School in NC and one among the Particularly Helpful Moodler’s (PHM) on the Moodle community site has opened a new tracker issue related to the Moodle Calendar event creation.
Acc. to the tracker issue:

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Right now if you visit /moodle/calendar/view.php on a site then you’re offered the ability to make a New Event. For most everyone, they’re not allowed to make events in the front page course so they’re only given the option of making a user event.
For a teacher, this can quite often lead to confusion because they quickly trudge along making user events and then realize later that no one in their classes can see them.
This is one of those things that should just work and not require figuring out what context you’re in.
I’d suggest that the add calendar event page check to see what courses the user is enrolled in and what permissions they have, and then display the option to add course (and group) events appropriately based on that.

If you also like the idea then please vote for it in the Moodle tracker so that it can be resolved soon.

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