Moodle Association is a new non-profit organization, which is due to be launched in June 2015, is created so that users of Moodle, such as universities, schools, companies and individual teachers, can help to directly drive the Moodle core roadmap.
It is a new initiative that allows Moodle users to collaborate on designing and funding major developments in the Moodle core roadmap.

Moodle Association will have it’s own board and will operate quite independently from Moodle Pty Ltd. and it will be completely separate from Moodle Partners, who provide the  ongoing funding for maintenance and updating of the project as well as some new features in the platform.  Basically the Association will just be hiring Moodle Pty Ltd to do the work on some major core features.
For more details, check out the Moodle Association website and subscribe for the announcement mailing list at:

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