Edmodo, a popular, venture backed k12 LMS which focuses learning around a stream of activities recently announced the launch of “Spotlight” for it’s users. Spotlight created a market of easily downloadable/usable resources and activities that any teacher can add to their course with the click of a button.

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Contributed content can be both activities and resources such as:

  • quizzes/exams
  • lesson plans
  • flash cards (and other Edmodo activity types)
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • games
  • Videos and screencasts
  • links
  • and much more

Content can be either free or paid (uploaders can list a small denomination required for use of their contribution), users can also rate and discuss each resource (presumably bringing more sense to what is useful in the content repository). Content is also organized by subject, price, and grade level so that you can filter to the most helpful resources.

Project Xplor by Blackboard/Moodlerooms was a step in this direction. It’d be great to see the Moodle community focus once more on bringing together contributed resources in a meaningful and easy way to use them by users world wide (Moodle.net is a great foundation but difficult sometimes to ascertain if a full course will be useful without restoring it completely).

According to the announcement about the launch (from eSchool News),

“Content creation and discovery are crucial components to redefining learning in the 21st century,” said Vibhu Mittal, chief executive officer of Edmodo. “The ways in which teachers and students interact with content have the potential to make a significant difference in our ability to build and recommend better adaptive learning tools that actually impact learning outcomes. On Edmodo, we see millions of videos and pieces of content being shared every day. Our goal with Edmodo Spotlight is two-fold: to provide teachers the opportunity to share their original content, and to better sort educational resources in a crowd-sourced fashion, so that the best materials are surfaced and used in the right way to advance student learning.”

Check out the public facing “Spotlight” here: https://spotlight.edmodo.com

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