@Moodler’s Keynote from #MootDE15


If you’re interested in Martin’s latest keynote presentation you can catch video and audio of the speech in the video linked/embedded below. This version was recorded at the 2015 Moodlemoot in Lubeck, Germany.


In it Martin touches base on what he believes should be the focus of Moodle moving forward (just as he once suggested that Mobile would be a prime strategy for core development). Among the priorities:

  • feedback
  • analytics
  • notifications
  • accessibility
  • mobile (a new version of the Moodle app is at prototype.moodle.net)
  • usability (improving navigation and editing)
  • community involvement (Moodle Association)
  • Moodle HQ coordination of Moodle Moots and Moodle TV (recorded sessions from around the world at Moodlemoot.org)
  • Moodle.org’s community features
  • Moodle.net course repository and portal

Watch the full recording here: https://youtu.be/Aydw-thmii0