While it’s not yet in the Plugin database, the Snap theme, developed by Moodlerooms’ Stuart Lamour and David Scotson, previously only available to Moodlerooms client, is now available to the community via their Github account: https://github.com/moodlerooms/moodle-theme_snap

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The release of Snap, a responsive, image centric theme stems from Blackboard’s commitment to open source according to the blog post,

…Snap is much more than a simple Moodle theme: it is a new, richer Moodle experience that increases engagement through a highly intuitive navigation across all devices. Moreover, it provides a modern and professional structure that lets users focus on information where and when they need it, without overwhelming them when they don’t need it.

General consumers today have high expectations on the web. They want simplicity, elegance, and engagement. And learners are no different – they expect their learning experience to be delightful, with an interface that is sleek yet functional, and designed around their needs.

You can read the blog post by Mark Strassman here.

What sets Snap apart as a theme?

  • includes activity and resource tiles instead of links with small icons
  • provides courses a vivid image layer
  • pervasive right hand collapsable menu
  • responsive
  • lots of white space

Check out the slideshow below for screenshots of Snap. You can also check out a Pinterest board by Stuart Lamour here: https://www.pinterest.com/stuartalamour/snap-moodle-theme/

front page on devices - animated
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