MoodleMoot Australia 2015 FeedbackMoodleMoot Australia 2015 took place from 6-8 July and was, by all measures a great success for the more than 500 people who went and participated. We’ve shared some of our thoughts on the materials presented at the Moot earlier, on topics like the Keynote by Martin Dougiamas and one of our favorite presentations on “Using Moodle for Future Builders,” by Brett McCroary.

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As with Moodle itself, the Moots always strive for constant improvement and elicit feedback from participants. At the Australia Moot, two forms of feedback were provided, an online survey and a “wishing tree” at the conference itself.

The Wishing Tree was an opportunity for participants to ask for an improvement to Moodle in future versions. These responses were grouped into the following categories:

  • simplifying and improving user interface
  • analytics and reports
  • features in assignments
  • competencies
  • developer and user documentation and training
  • rollover
  • “like” button on forum posts and everywhere else

The survey provided other insights about the value perceived by attendees and what they’d like done differently at a subsequent Moot. Highlights, and some surprises, include:

  • Presentations, general networking and “getting inspired about my work” were three of the top favorite outcomes of the moot
  • Less than half of attendees found the sponsor booths “useful”
  • Overall, attendees were happy with the relevance of the material presented, the quality of presentations and the “streams” available to follow
  • The biggest pushback received from attendees was regarding the location of the venue (to remote)

Interested in all of the feedback? Click here to check it out. We’d also love to hear your thoughts on the Moot and how it could be improved – comment below!

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