In moodle 2.9 among the whole lot of improvements the changes done in Quiz engine are much more awesome. Here are few tips shared by Mary Cooch.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  1. The ability to divide the quiz into sections:   Section headings may be added to each new page. For the first page, click the ‘pencil’ icon at the top and add your heading. For other pages, click the ‘Add’ link and choose ‘a new section heading’, and then add your heading as for Page 1.newquizsections
  2. Randomising the order questions appear: The order in which questions appear to the student may be randomized or ‘shuffled’ by ticking the ‘Shuffle’ box at the top of the screen. Where questions are in different sections (see Section headings above), each section has its own ‘Shuffle’ box to tick. This means that you can mix up questions on one section, but in another section, where their order is important, you can keep them in the order you need them to display.shuffle1
  3. The ability to make the visibility of questions conditional upon previous questions: If using the Interactive with multiple tries or Immediate Feedback behavior and with the navigation method set to ‘Free’, it is possible to make the display of a question dependent on a previous question being answered first. The question editing page will display padlock icons to the right of each question. In the screenshot above you can see that for each section, only the first question is visible. The other questions will only appear once the first question in each section has been answered. (To do this you need either Immediate feedback or Interactive with multiple tries.)conditionalquestionexample


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