Moodle QA Testing now over 95%


testersMoodle’s QA Testing round for 2.9 now looks to be over 95% complete with about 15 open tracker tickets left to be further developed, fixed, tested or peer reviewed. There is a short list of “must fix” items for Moodle’s 2.9 release pending as well.


Great work to the bug finders and QA testers who volunteered to try out the new features and validate that they were in working order. If you have not yet joined the effort and want to help get the release over the finish line you can get connected here:

To review the open tickets check out

A list of the ‘must fix’ items left to be resolved is available here:

Finally, if you’re just interested in trying out one of the new features in 2.9 (like the many in the quiz or highlighted here) you can demo a working version of 2.9 at