Moodle Plugins usage survey which was conducted by Moodle HQ from 24 September onwards, Michael de Raadt the Research Director at Moodle HQ has published the report from the survey.
The plugin usage survey was closed on 21 October and seen a participation from more than 350+ persons all over the world. The survey and its results analysis were driven by a number of research questions as follows:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • What standard plugins are not used and may be removed, deprecated or fixed?
  • What standard plugins are used a lot and may need more attention?
  • What additional (third-party, contributed) plugins (if any) should be added to the standard distribution?

Country wise participation in the Moodle Plugins usage survey 2015
Country wise participation in the Moodle Plugins usage survey 2015

The important results from the report are:

  • The results from the survey includes Quiz, Assignment and Forum as the most used activity modules, followed by a list of resources.
  • Calendar is reported as the most widely used block.
  • The Topics course format is the most widely used course format.
  • The contributed Collapsed Topics course format is relatively widely used by over a third of respondents.
  • Enrolment methods are dominated by Manual and Self enrolments. IMS Enterprise file is not widely used.
  • The LDAP, Shibboleth and CAS authentication methods are used more in the Higher-ed sector. Email-based self-registration is use more in the Workplace sector.
  • Reports are used slightly more in Higher-ed than in other sectors, except the Course completion report, which is used relatively more in the Workplace sector.
  • Use of repositories is varied with the workplace sector using repository plugins relatively less. A number of repositories associated with commercial services are rarely used, including the Amazon S3, Alfresco, EQUELLA and repositories.
  • Portfolios are the least used plugin type within the scope of this survey. Some portfolios are rarely used, such as the Picasa, Box and Flickr repositories.

For complete information, You can download the Moodle Plugins usage survey report from this link.
Which plugin you are using on your Moodle site and see them to be included in Moodle Core in future, do let us know in the comments below.

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