Moodle Myths and solutions #MoodleMyths #MoodleBeginner


The decision making authorities in all educational and corporate institutions often face a lot of questions based on Myths while choosing the LMS for their institution. Among all the top questions related to Moodle the most often asked questions are:

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  • Moodle is open source as of now but it will be put under some sort of commercial license.
  • Moodle will  not be compatible with our existing software’s/systems.
  • Moodle is not having commercial experience which we are looking for.
  • You need to be an expert and tech savvy to use Moodle.
  • With Moodle, You need to be on computers all the time.
  • Moodle is just about fun and games, it’s a time waster and does not encourage ‘real work’,
  • …and many more.

Today I stumbled upon a Moodle docs page which clarifies all these questions in a great detail. It includes all these questions and their resolution which are good enough for a beginner to clarify his doubts over Moodle.
Also there is a nice forum thread from 2005-06 discussing the myths spread about using Moodle.
What are the myths what you have faced before started using Moodle in your organization? Do share with us in the comments below.