Juan Leyva has released a new plugin for Moodle which provides Availability Conditions dependent on whether users are using the Moodle Mobile App to access courses. According to the description,

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With this plugin you can choose if an activity, resource or a complete section is (or is not) visible for users accessing the course via the Mobile app.

If you’re optimizing a course for mobile viewing only, this is an additional tool you can utilize to ensure that students are having the best experience they can when interacting with your course through their handheld device and the Moodle Mobile app. A neat way to limit or provide additional resources to each student depending on how they are accessing your site.

Download the plugin (which is helpful only if you are already utilizing or suggesting the students utilize the Mobile Moodle app) here: https://moodle.org/plugins/view/availability_mobileapp

mobile restriction

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