Pull to refresh, slide out for the menu, fresh new messaging design; the new official Moodle Mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows are a pretty slick addition to your ability to provide a usable Moodle for all users no matter what device.

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2.0 has been under development for a time and has now been released. This new version works with Moodle 2.4 and up and features all sorts of goodies. New in this most recent release:

Pull to refresh: just like with any modern app (Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, etc) you can refresh the page you’re on just by swiping down with a finger.


Activity Completion: you can now track progress in a course setup with completion tracking


The messaging interface will also help you keep tabs on past conversations and contacts with just a few swipes.


Last but not least some resources such as Books and IMS Content packages now have offline support, download them for viewing when offline.


The list of supported features is pretty long now, check out all the information at https://docs.moodle.org/29/en/Moodle_Mobile (above images are from Moodle.org)

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