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I stumbled across this article about one of the fantastic ways that Moodle contributes to learning, literally, everywhere. Navajo Technical University was recently awarded a development grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to start a distance learning program. While the program will contain most of the essentials you’d expect in an eLearning program, one of the coolest aspects is how NTU’s program will provide opportunity for two rural communities in Arizona.

Moodle is the LMS used by NTU and, in this case, will be the platform that teachers use to get materials to students before, during and after face-to-face interactions in a hybrid system used by the university. They are also developing a larger catalog of courses that can be taken completely online. Moodle helps both students and teachers, by providing always-available access in a place where physical access can be problematic because of distance and other factors.

The article gave a special shout out to the power of Moodle mobile. From the article:

Jack, a junior majoring in early childhood multicultural education, said Moodle has been beneficial because she can log on and complete assignments anywhere.

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