Rebecca Barrington’s Moodle Gradebook book which is published by Packt Publishing has recently been updated for Moodle 2.7 to include improvements since the initial book release.

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According to the site,

Assessing and tracking students to ensure they progress is one of the key challenges of modern education. Moodle Gradebook offers an innovative solution, providing you with a platform to store and calculate grades and track the progress and achievements of your students.

Moodle Gradebook, Second Edition explains and explores the full functionality and features of the Gradebook to help you to make it easier to organize your work and relay information to your students. It will introduce you to the core functions of the Gradebook and demonstrate how to add graded activities. Then it will guide you through the process of assigning and calculating grades before exploring how to organize categories and successfully report and export information.

This book provides you with detailed but easy-to-follow instructions to help you to set up the Gradebook to meet your course’s needs.

Note that the book does not cover Moodle 2.8 and the most recent changes (interface and usability, plus natural weighting and other changes). The ebook is now available for only $5 as are all Moodle related books: (sale ends today).

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