Moodle earns an "Excellent" rating from PCMag, becomes an Editor's choice


PCMag has given an excellent rating to our beloved LMS “Moodle” and designated as editor’s choice LMS. The review carried out by William Fenton of PCMag comprises of all the major features of Moodle including Dashboard, Blocks, and Themes, Roles and Groups, Activities, Progress Tracking, Reporting, and Plugins.
Moodle was compared among all other popular LMS’s like Edmodo LMS, Halogen TalentSpace LMS, Litmos LMS, Grovo LMS, Absorb LMS, SmarterU LMS, DigitalChalk Corporate LMS & Axis LMS. Moodle has got 4.5 rating out of 5 including the Absorb LMS. Here are the comparison results of all LMS’s.
The Pro’s of Moodle as mentioned in the article are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Free and open source. Modular, plugin-based design enables administrators to add or create features as needed. Supports myriad activities, including peer assessment workshops, real-time messaging, and wiki forums. Generous progress tracking and reporting options. Unparalleled language support.

The Con’s:

Setup is by no means turnkey. UI lacks the visual finesse of paid competitors

The Bottomline:

If you’re willing to shoulder some of the administrative burden, Moodle offers an entirely viable learning management service that is free, open source, and rapidly advancing.

Read the complete article here:,2817,2486973,00.asp

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