HRDNZ, the Moodle Partner from NewZealand has announced a new 100% online course specifically created for Moodle Developers.  The course is designed and facilitated by Justin Hunt, well known contributor on these forums, and creator of plugins such as PoodLL, Genrico, MyTube, YouTube Anywhere, and YouTube Submission, Skim Import, and Blog Export.
The main details and description of the course are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • How to start a new plugin from a template or existing plugin
  • How to add a settings page to a plugin
  • How to add and use capabilities in a plugin
  • How to avoid XSS vulnerability in plugin
  • How to use the Moodle database API
  • How to add/upgrade database tables in a plugin
  • How to use Moodle Quick Forms
  • Using Moodle’s automatic class loading system
  • How to run adhoc or scheduled tasks in the background
  • How to implement backup and restore in a plugin
  • Separating display from business/database code in renderer classes
  • Overriding core renderer classes
  • Adding and retrieving files via the Moodle file system
  • Using language files for internationalizing your code.
  • Adding breadcrumbs, menu items and managing navigation

Complete details about the course description are here.
As this is a pilot course, so they are offering it at a nominal cost of $500 USD, so book early to avoid disappointment!
You can register for the course by visiting and click on the ‘Register Now’ link on the front page.
Please Note that MoodleWorld is not linked to HRDNZ in any ways.

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