associationThe Moodle Association will be a community-led driver for development of Moodle LMS, while it hasn’t officially kicked off you can now submit your interest formally by signing up for the Association newsletter and mailing list to ensure that you hear about its launch and projects in the future.

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According to the site,

All members pay membership fees which are collected and managed by an elected board. All members can then propose development projects, and then the Association will regularly go through a systematic voting process to determine the top priorities of the group. The funds will then be applied to paying Moodle HQ to develop the specified projects in Moodle core for the entire community.

The democratic organization seems like a great way to get involved in helping to shape and mold Moodle for years to come. Are you as excited as I am? Sign up: Look for this to become a topic of HQ keynotes at Moots worldwide.

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