Moodle 3.0 the next stable release of the most popular open source LMS “Moodle” is fully packed with new features and lot of improvements. We looked upon all the issues slated in the Moodle Tracker for Moodle 3.0 and found these new features and improvements will have the biggest impact.

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New features:

  • Add the OU drag-and-drop questions to Moodle core – MDL-47494
  • Support option to cancel new plugin installs – MDL-48535
  • Multiple improvements in the plugins installation/update system – MDL-49329
  • Drop user-course-tagging and replace with normal course-tagging – MDL-51132
  • Enable the Mobile service by default in Moodle 3.0 – MDL-51478


  • Forum timed posts: display period not displayed – MDL-9070
  • Allow students to see each other’s contact details in full profile without global permission if they are able to see each other’s course profile – MDL-27177
  • Messaging: unable to delete a message – MDL-29801
  • Improve performance of Online users block – MDL-41944
  • Events for managing enrolment instances – MDL-44640
  • Reset Dashboard for all users – MDL-46878
  • Config setting to control allowing duplicate email addresses – MDL-49280
  • Youtube repository should be disabled by default. – MDL-50572
  • Workshop: display all participants on “Submisstion phase” page in a table – MDL-50673
  • SCORM Player – Exit Activity button – MDL-50861
  • Interactive behaviour should show number of tries left in the Try again state – MDL-29771
  • Improve the overall feedback section of the quiz form – MDL-50228

Webservices –

  • New Web Service mod_page_view_page – MDL-49791
  • New Web Service mod_resource_view_resource – MDL-49792
  • New webservice: mod_url_view_url – MDL-49793
  • New Web Services for mod_chat – MDL-50853
  • And many more (Book, SCORM, Folder, Chat, Forum etc.)

Atto Improvements:

  •  Keyboard interaction for hyperlink in Atto (Ctrl+K) – MDL-49732
  • Missing Atto Math Equation buttons – MDL-50936

You can access the complete list of issues fixed in Moodle 3.0 here. Have we missed something in the list? Which new feature/improvements you like most in Moodle 3.0? Please share in the comments below.

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