In moodle 2.9, the new version of the most popular open source learning management system there are a lot of new features which we have previously covered here.
Out of the all new features there is one for the messaging which will help you in sending messages to other users on your site without leaving the current page resulting in saving your time.
Now you don’t need to go to the messaging page to send a message to other users instead you can just click the little message icon besides the username and it will open a new popup window from where you can send the message.
As in the Online users block or viewing the profile of the other users you will be able to use this new AJAX messaging feature. Once you send the message you can continue working from the same page where you have left upon.
Here is a small GIF image showing how to send a new message using the Online users block.
Send message using AJAX
The tracker issue for the same feature is available at:

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