Blackboard has published a concise guide to using Moodle for students based on Moodle 2.7. The presentation covers the basic overview of Moodle, accessing courses, navigating to a course, moodle tools, and resources.
The guide is a very good resource for students to introduce them to Moodle and meddling around Moodle. It covers all basics items of Moodle like editing profile, participating in forums, taking quizzes and assignment and participants in the Moodle course.
If you are also looking for a quick reference guide on Moodle to share with your students, then you can share this one.
You can watch the presentation below or check out this direct link.

Do you also have any resource on Moodle which you want to share with the Moodle community? You can send it to us using this contact form or post it directly on Moodle forums.

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