EduLabs, an independent Moodle service provider has shared a free uptime monitoring tool for Moodle named Toodle – Tools for Moodle.
There may be several tools available to check out the servers and apps but this tool – Toodle is specially developed to check out the uptime of Moodle based sites.
Main features of Toodle are:

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  • Checks your moodle site each defined time interval
  • Warning messages emailed to you (Moodle site down)
  • Error description and issue printscreen.
  • Monthly uptime reports with downtimes, length, time and days of the week. A very useful review to write your report or to ask for a refund to your Moodle Hosting Provider.

I am also going to give it a try as by using this tool you as the Moodle site administrator will be first to know if your Moodle site is down because of any reason instead of your users.
Signup for Toodle will not take more than 2 minutes as they don’t need any credit card details and as per their privacy policy they are not going to sell your information. So, I believe this service is worth a try for all Moodle site administrators.
Edit – I tried the Toodle tool and literally it took me only 2 minutes to confirm my account. And after that I got the following report showing the errors on my Moodle site:
Toodle Report
Hope it helps you in giving this tool a try for monitoring your Moodle site.

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