Blended Learning with Michelle MooreLongtime and well respected Moodle Evangelist, Michelle Moore, recently published a presentation on SlideShare on “Blended Learning.” The presentation provides specific guidance and insights related to creating a flipped classroom – a teaching approach where content delivery and ingestion happens outside of class hours and class time is used to emphasize interaction, practice and skill building.

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Her presentation gives council on how to successfully use Moodle to achieve the flipped experience by:

  1. Initially taking time to digest the bigger picture of Flipped Learning;
  2. Taking small steps towards achieving the flipped experience;
  3. Finding success by measuring achievement through the use of common Moodle tools;
  4. Creating success for students through gamification, achievement levels and other indicators; and
  5. Taking the experience to the next level through student generated materials and activities.

Check out the entire presentation below:

[slideshare id=48680684&doc=useyournoodle-blendingwithmoodle-150527225644-lva1-app6891]

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