Mathslate for TinyMCE is a plugin which adds the mathematical editor mathslate to the popular TinyMCE text editor toolbar. In the last week the plugin is updated to version 1.1 to support all Moodle versions from Moodle 2.6 onwards including the upcoming Moodle 2.9 version.
Mathslate for TinyMCE
It is similar in functionality to DragMath which was included as a TinyMCE plugin in the Moodle core for 2.0-2.7.  Mathslate however has no Java dependency, and consequently it should usable in a larger variety of browsers including those on mobile devices.
In addition to this plugin it also needs the MathJax 2.0 or later needs to be available, either by users connecting to the internet or with a local installation on the server.
You can download the latest version of Mathslate for TinyMCE from this link:
To know more about using the Mathslate for TinyMCE, please check out the Moodle docs at:

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