restangular-270x250During the final day of the US Moodlemoot developers and community members met together for the hackfest which had two tracks. During one of the two tracks available to attendees, Martin Langhoff of Remote-Learner gave the following presentation: “Moodle future with Restangular & Websockets“. Restangular and websockets, according to Martin, will help to save lots of time and effort for Moodle developers, make the site more efficient and dynamic and give end users a better experience.

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The cell phone captured presentation, by Dan Poltawski of Moodle HQ.

What is restangular?

Based on Angular, it utilizes web services to connect data to the front end (in my very non-technical understanding). You might know Angular from sites that rapidly update while you interact with them (check out an example here: On the rapidly changing web its possible (perhaps even likely) that you might have used a site today that uses Restangular. Martin proposes that at the very least assets such as Chat or Recent Activity should be loading in real time on the page as changes happen instantly. The quickest path there for Moodle? Perhaps it’s all the work that’s already gone into the amazing new Moodle Mobile 2.0.

Sounds like it could be pretty sweet.

At about 48 minutes the discussion turns to the ramifications of using this framework on the Moodle community (which often self-hosts). It’s a really interesting discussion.

Check out the full 50 minute video here:

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