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This Wednesday February 18th Martin Dougiamas will be joining Mark Harwood of World Vision to discuss Moodle and Project Model Accredited Learning & Support (PALS) program which uses Moodle to provide entrepreneurship training to farmers in 8 African Countries.

The discussion will happen on Twitter starting at 4pm AWST (3am EST) just use the hashtag #AskWVAMoodle and follow @Moodle and @worldvisionaus.

Interested in the Project Model Accredited Learning & Support program that uses Moodle?

PALS is an online community learning approach that delivers facilitated module based learning and support to World Vision economic development programming staff based in the field.

Developed by World Vision Australia’s Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Team (SEED), PALS is delivered and accredited via the global World Vision eCampus online learning platform which uses Moodle as its Learning Management System.

It acknowledges learners as individuals who shape their own knowledge development rather than merely being receivers of information. This is achieved by harnessing the power of collaborative learning through an online global community of peers and more experienced practitioners who are constantly sharing questions, challenges, reflections and insights over the lifecycle of their respective programmes.


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