Dataform module which is a major enhancement of the standard Database activity module and is meant to offer all the functionality offered by the Database module and much more in a more flexible way.
In a recent post on Moodle forums, the module maintainer Itamar Tzadok posted one great feature “Entry Choice” of the dataform module, i.e. let the students choose any of the preferred assignment from a given set or register a session for an event etc..     With the entry choice feature the teacher can allow students to choose and take ownership on predefined entries.

Dataform Entry Choice illustration
Dataform Entry Choice illustration

A quick illustration guide on using the Dataform module for using as an Entry Choice activity in a course can be downloaded from this link.
Another PHM, Hartmut Scherer created a preset based on the Entry Choice feature which can be downloaded from this link.
You can download the latest version of the Dataform module from this link:
Thanks Itamar Tzadok fro sharing such a nice tips about the dataform module.

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