Mary Cooch and Helen Foster kicked off the 2nd #LearnMoodle MOOC, “Teaching with Moodle: an Introduction” this week and the first session is available as a recording on the Moodle HQ Youtube Channel:

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Mary and Helen spend about 20 minutes talking about how the course will work, what students/participants will do (build courses and learn about course management), about certification and accessing the course using the Moodle Mobile app. The course is primarily focused on providing teachers the tools to start using Moodle (no administration, no talk about hosting, etc.). The MOOC is self-paced and still open for enrollment:

Nearly 4,000 Moodlers have already signed up.

Watch the kick off to “Teaching with Moodle” here:

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  1. Hi there and thanks for the heads up! Just to clarify for people reading – it’s not so much “Learn Moodle Part 2 ” as “Learn Moodle Part 1, repeated and updated” We had so many people last time ask if we were doing the course again that we decided we would. It’s updated for Moodle 2.8 and tweaked a little but basically,if you missed it last time round, now’s your chance to get on board.


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