Learn Moodle MOOC, the official course to learn Moodle for beginners is starting again from Sunday, 09 August 2015 for the second time this year.
Learn Moodle MOOC is a course upon Teaching with Moodle i.e. how to use Moodle for teaching and to make people aware about the potential of Moodle. The course will teach you how the activities look like from a students perspective and in a synchronized manner.
learn Moodle
It is a 4-week long course and upon completion of the course you can also earn a Learn Moodle Completer Badge. The course will be available till 06 September 2015 and afterwards it will be kept in read only mode where you can’t participate in the activities.
You can also download the practice courses once the course is finished to carry on the same work in your personal Moodle instance.
You can sign up for the course here – https://learn.moodle.net/course/view.php?id=6744
As of now the introductory forums are open, so you can register and introduce yourself with other fellow Moodlers who are attending this course.

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