In a recent post on forums one of the Moodler asked a question about changing the language strings which are visible to students only. He doesn’t wants to change the strings which are visible to administrators or teachers.
Moodle Community Sites Manager, Helen Foster shared a link about the translation priority page which gives a letter based priority grade to every file or file group in a language pack.
The link which was shared by her was : which was having the lists of the components with strings visible to students.
The priority is described as:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • FIRST, make sure langconfig is properly set up.
  • Priority A: These files should be translated. This category includes files with mostly strings which are visible for students.
  • Priority B: These strings are used for teacher views or strings for less often used parts of Moodle.
  • Priority C: These strings are mostly admin or modules that are not often enabled on sites.

Language Customization
Language Customization

So, in case if you are also trying to change any language string for your students then you can follow the same translation priority page.

  1. Forum post:
  2. Translation priority:
  3. Langconfig :
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