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Keeping in step with the continued demand for more analytical rigor, Lambda Solutions has recently announced the availability of their Analytika product for Moodle. Analytika has been on the street for some time in the Totara LMS, but received such strong support from early Moodle adopters that Lambda has moved to provide full support across the platform as well.

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Analytika is a product that seeks to streamline the process of data gathering an analysis. Connected to literally “every row and every cell” in the Moodle database, administrators and users are able to design essentially whatever report they deem essential for serving the needs of their operation. Some out of the box reports / functionality that most will find useful include:

  • Grades by activity and course
  • Report on who has not taken a course
  • Logon activity dashboard with engagement statistics
  • Dashboard that details the time spend learning across course and activity
  • Dashboards for course completion and enrollment

For more information about Analytika, please visit Lambda Solutions here.

Do you have a favorite analytics service for Moodle? Tell us about it in the comments below!

(Note: Lambda Solutions is a MoodleNews supporter)

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