If you want consistency of the player appearance in all major browsers and mobile platforms, then you can use this JW player multimedia filter to play HTML5 and flash content on your Moodle site.
The player supports flash fallback, providing more devices and formats coverage than either HTML5 or flash can handle alone.

JW Player
JW Player

The filter does not include JW Player libraries due to license limitations. You are supposed to make sure that JW Player libraries are available either by installing them locally, or configuring filter to use the cloud version of JW Player. In either case you need to register on JW Player website https://account.jwplayer.com/ and accept terms and conditions.
Note, that JW Player is not free for commercial use.
To download the latest version of the JWplayer Multimedia filter, pleae check out the link: https://moodle.org/plugins/view/filter_jwplayer
Plugin installation Manual: https://github.com/lucisgit/moodle-filter_jwplayer
More documentation: https://github.com/lucisgit/moodle-filter_jwplayer/blob/master/README.md

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