The 2015 iMoot, the 6th installment of the largest virtual conference for the open source software, is just around the corner. As usual I’m helping to promote the event and suggest that everyone submit a presentation proposal online at (registration required). Even if you’re not presenting start blocking your calendar for late May.

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Preregistration is now open: (create an account and be notified when registration is officially open).

Without further delay, here’s the first part of my email-based interview with Vinny Stocker.

What’s the history and legacy of the iMoot (5th or is it the 6th year?)

This year we will be celebrating the 6th iMoot. The conference began in January 2010 and has grown every year since. My first iMoot was in 2012 as a presenter, in between iMoot12 iMoot13 I started working for Pukunui (who are the main sponsor of the event) and since then I’ve taken over the role of one of the main organisers. The Moodle community has really got behind iMoot using it as a place to connect with other Moodle users, teachers, course creators, admins and developers and it really is a celebration of collaboration and community spirit. Every year we received more presentation proposals then we can handle, and every year we receive more and more attendees. In numbers of participants iMoot must be one of the largest Moodle conferences in the calendar.

What will make this year different?

The tagline for iMoot 2015 ( #iMoot15 ) is “Everyone Matters”. We’re hoping that a number of presentations will be aimed at accessibility issues, whether that is accessibility via different devices, limitations of bandwidth, or tailoring Moodle to the specific needs of individual learners. One other thing that will make this year slightly different is that it is a very standard Moodle site. Early on I made the decision to simplify a lot of things. I went with a clean site theme taking inspiration from some of Google’s material design ideas (it uses the More theme with a little custom css). There is one additional plugin that we use for the live schedule, and the two plugins used to integrate BigBlueButton. So it is a fairly standard Moodle installation. This was to help access and familiarity, but also we like to run the iMoot using the latest version of Moodle and in previous years upgrading a few days before the conference has had it’s challenges!

… Stay tuned for the next installment later this week.



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