Intelliboard Analytics and Reporting for Moodle


IntelliboardThe remote, or virtual, education experience has clearly revolutionized how learning materials are delivered to learners. While there are tremendous benefits (which lead to ongoing support), there are also a host of challenges that the greater LMS community continues to try and address.

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One of these core challenges remains answering the simple question, “How is my LMS being used by the community I administer?” The answer(s) to this question can provide critical insights related to actual system adoption and usage, heavy load times, most used (and least used) features, and so much more. Truth be told, the data underlying just usage statistics alone are a treasure trove of understanding for any large LMS installation, let alone what users are actually using the LMS for.

The folks over at have offered up a solution that, in our eyes, is one of the coolest answers to these questions for the Moodle community. Intelliboard is designed to listen across your entire LMS network, regardless if it is one installation or many, gather the data you’re interested in, and visually report back to you on a single dashboard-like screen.

Back in March of 2014, Joseph installed and tested Intelliboard on an existing site. Over the past year and half, Intelliboard has continue to up its game and include a host of new features that we like. This is all made possible through Moodle’s core webservices. Check out their new product overview below:

While it’s a premium service there is a basic trial level that you can test out on a site to see what data you can get.
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