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Teaching a(n awesome) course to a live audience is tough. Teaching with the same awesomeness to a group online ups the ante considerably. We’ve all been there, clicking on a course title that sounds exactly like what you’ve been looking for – a new development skill, a fast track to complete an undergraduate requirement, the next level of achievement for a hobby or passion project – only to be delivered less-than-awesome material with stale, too-long videos, unreachable instructors and dubious validity. Just as you wouldn’t design and deliver a course for a set of mid-career, fast-track managers the same way you’d design a course for high school freshmen, designing and delivering a course for online consumption requires unique techniques and disciplines.

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The folks over at eVet2Edu have released an online course about… designing and facilitating an online course. The course is full of assignments, forums and other resources to help you take the course self-paced or to facilitate with peers/new online facilitators.

You can download the course on here. The course purports to provide students with the ability “to plan an e-learning course together with exercises and elements of online teaching strategy, using a variety of tools and teaching methods.” Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below! snip_20151002082246

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