SocialShareTraffic is critical to the ultimate success of sites that offer publicly available courses. The advent of social media has created a number of channels specifically designed to feed this need. However, as with all tools, they are only as good as the underlying interest or vibrancy of the community. As simple as it may sound, community interest or vibrancy is often predicated on how easy it is to share information. If a user is required to stop, cut/copy, open a new application and then paste and send,  the “moment” for sharing can quickly be lost. However, more sharing is likely if it is easily facilitated through the click of a single button.

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The SocialShare block offers the opportunity for Moodlers to add the following to their courses:

  • Facebook Like and Share buttons
  • Tweet button
  • Google+ Share button
  • StumbleUpon Share button

The caveat here is that the course/page must be publicly accessible for the block to function correctly. We also think it would be great to be able to enable sharing within closed systems.

How would SocialShare help you to create buzz around your publicly available courses? Leave us your opinion in the comments below.

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