rlBased on the reconfiguring of the Remote-Learner US/Canada site and the update to Moodle.com’s Partner page, it appears concurrent to Blackboard’s purchase of RL UK tech support that Moodle Partner status for the remaining Remote-Learner org spread across the US and Canada has lapsed.

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However, Remote-Learner UK, now owned by Blackboard, remains an official Moodle Partner.

Remote-Learner US/Canada accessible at http://www.remote-learner.net/ has a retooled site that complies with non-Moodle Partner status focusing on their history with Moodle leaning more towards support, hosting and services for an institution’s LMS steering clear of language that would run amok of the official service marks of Moodle.

Remote-Learner recently also announced several changes in high level positions which may help explain the change of course.


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  1. Joe – Thanks as always for the news. As the person in charge of Blackboard’s Moodle business, let me just clarify, that despite your headline, as far as I know Blackboard’s acquisition of the UK division had nothing to do with the US/Canada group leaving the Moodle partnership.

    I got to know the RL guys very well as we worked through the process of acquiring their UK division, and I believe that their commitment to Moodle is as strong as ever. They posted this message on their blog: http://www.remote-learner.net/remote-learner-committed-to-moodles-future-development/

    Anyway, happy Moodling.


  2. Fair, but also I wasn’t implying that BB purchased the partner status just that 1. RL UK is still on the list and 2. RL US is not, so it lapsed.

    I have no doubt the commitment to Moodle remains at RL, good to see that they will join the Moodle Association though that’s a curious development since they previously were a partner.


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