blockqWhile the big changes are the ones that get the most attention, small tweaks to Moodle’s modules and usability can go a long way in making your course and course experience that much better. This small (in scope not in difficulty or complexity) change proposed by Tim Hunt is one that I can get behind: the proposal is to modify the behavior of random question blocks in the quiz to assign a weighting to which questions are displayed in subsequent attempts or other exams that utilize the same question banks.

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You can read Tim’s full explanation here:

Vote for the improvement at

How will it work? According to the explanation in the post,

  • Find all the question that could go in this place. That is, the questions that are in the right category in the question bank.
  • For each one, count up how often it has been used in all the students previous quiz attempts (if any).
  • Look at all the questions that have been used the fewest number of times. (So, of some question have not been seen at all yet, take all of those. Otherwise, if all questions have been seen at least once but some have not yet been seen twice, take all the ones that have only been seen once. And so on.)
  • Pick one of those questions at random and use it.


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