In a recent  post on forums, Tim Hunt proposed few changes on the behavior of random questions.
Currently if a teacher choose 5 random questions from a category containing 10 questions in a quiz, then there is no certainty that the student will get the different questions in the second attempt. This is what is being changed in the Moodle 2.9.
According to the new improvement, the logic for selection of questions will be as follows:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Find all the question that could go in this place. That is, the questions that are in the right category in the question bank.
  • For each one, count up how often it has been used in all the students previous quiz attempts (if any).
  • Look at all the questions that have been used the fewest number of times. (So, of some question have not been seen at all yet, take all of those. Otherwise, if all questions have been seen at least once but some have not yet been seen twice, take all the ones that have only been seen once. And so on.)
  • Pick one of those questions at random and use it.

Random Question
Please note that it will count up all previous attempts at the particular quiz the student is attempting now and don’t count the overall sitevide usage of the question.
For more details you can vote for the tracker issue here:
For full explanation about how the random questions will work, please check out the link:



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