Totara includes a distinct functionality to identify and track the “positions” of learners. A position is essentially where a person works and what they do. This information can be very useful when tailoring a learning pathway for the individual and when preparing reports. In Totara, a learner can be assigned three types of positions – primary, secondary and aspirational. The primary position is used to develop the learning pathway and is included in reporting; secondary and aspirational positions are not used with this functionality.

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The use of positions to develop and track how individuals are completing required skill development, and in turn helping to achieve company goals, can be incredibly powerful if done right (and managed well). Totara has put together a comprehensive screen cast about how position hierarchies work here. You can watch the entire video below:

Do you use position hierarchies in Totara to help manage skill development? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!
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