Moodle Plugin Triathlon

As you know, 3.0 will be on the streets in a matter of days and, as we’ve written here before, if you are a developer you need to make sure that your plugins are ready for the new release.

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David Mudrák has issued a fun challenge to all developers by creating the Moodle Plugin Triathlon. Rather than running, biking and swimming:

  • Test your plugin carefully with the latest Moodle 3.0 code, with full developer debugging enabled. If you have unit tests and/or behat tests available in your plugins, they will help you a lot.

  • Fix all the eventual regressions caused by 3.0. If needed, release a new plugin version with the fixes.

  • Mark at least one fully tested version of your plugin as supporting Moodle 3.0 in time before the actual Moodle 3.0 release.

Join the others who have already accepted this challenge by posting your update on the thread here.

Are you ready for 3.0? Tell us what your most anticipated feature is in the comments below!

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