Help Moodle in QA testing with PHP7 #Moodle #MoodleQA #PHP7


Moodle 3.0.1 which is coming next week (see our previous coverage here) with support for both PHP5 and PHP7 has entered in the min QA cycle starting today.
In a recent announcement on Moodle Forums, Rajesh Taneja has posted about the starting of the QA cycle which will contains over 250 issues in total.
If you would also like to participate in the Moodle mini QA testing with PHP7, then please test it on integration branch using php 5 and/OR php 7. To add yourself to the testers group, you can directly contact Rajesh Taneja here.
The QA testing is planned to be completed with a 100% pass rate within next 5 days.
I am eagerly waiting for the test results of Moodle and PHP7 and see the improvement in the performance with this new version of PHP.

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