Among all the new features of Moodle 2.9 another one is that you have the ability to use the Meta-Course Enrollment method and put students into groups. Earlier all the students are lumped together and it is very difficult for the teacher to keep students separate and organized. This made it nearly impossible to have multiple classes sharing a course because the gradebook would contain all students and no way to separate them out for each class.
Shared Resources with Socialwall Course Format
Moodle 2.9 changes that by allowing you to map students from a course to a group. Each teacher has their own classroom course and they collaborate in the “Content Course” to create common assessments, activities, resources, projects, and other shared experiences for students to complete.  Students are automatically enrolled into the Content Course via the Meta-Course enrollment option and placed into an appropriate group to make finding grades easier.
Daily classroom announcements, homework alerts, basic assignments, topic discussions, and other easy to do tasks are accomplished in the teacher classroom course using the new Moodle Socialwall Course Format.  From the classroom website the students can go into the Content Course and take quizzes and other activities that have been shared amongst all the teachers.

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