Getting your first Moodle site running in moments is not a big deal now with having MoodleCloud – the free hosting service from Moodle HQ and Gnomio – free Moodle hosting by few moodle fans.
Both of the free Moodle providers have different pros and cons over each other like – MoodleCloud restricts you to only 50 users whereas Gnomio don’t restricts you whereas MoodleCloud has got limited plugins as compared to Gnomio.
MoodleCloud vs Gnomio - Free Moodle Hosting providers
There is an interesting forum thread going on at Moodle forums about the comparison between both the free Moodle hosting services. You can also participate in the forum thread to provide your views about MoodleCloud and Gnomio if you have used any or both of them with whole Moodle community.
Which are the other free hosting options for Moodle? Which free Moodle hosting you will recommend to the beginners in the Moodle World? Do share with us in the comments below.

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