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Maintaining the attention of your students is a constant battle for every teacher and this battle is only becoming more and more difficult to win in the age of mobile and social everything. John Oakley has taken a stab at helping teachers move the needle in their direction through the creation of a plugin that, literally, makes a game out of answering quiz questions.

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The Quizeventure activity module is a plugin that takes the questions from whichever course it is added to and then makes the answers into space ships. The students answer the question by shooting down the correct response.

While the interface is a bit old-school (think Space Invaders), I appreciate the full thought behind this plugin and the fact that it definitely changes the way a quiz is presented to students.

You can get the Quizventure activity module here.

What methods do you use to make sure you keep your students attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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