PsyasiaPsyAsia recently posted to the release of a free MOOC focused on psychometrics testing at work that will be lead by Dr. Graham Tyler. From the PsyAsia website, “The term ‘Psychometric Test’ refers to multiple types of psychometric tools including aptitude tests, ability tests and personality assessments.”

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Moodle’s quiz feature actually has some great statistics reports built in which help with psychometric analysis. If you’re interested in seeing how items are already evaluated by Moodle out of the box check out

Topics that will be covered in the MOOC are:

  • Introduction to Psychometric Testing
  • Job Analysis and Competency Frameworks
  • Psychometric test reliability
  • Psychometric test error & confidence
  • Validity of Psychometric Tests
  • Choosing the Right Test – Understanding the Test Manual
  • Psychometric Test Administration
  • Scoring Psychometric Tests
  • Interpreting Psychometric Test Results
  • Psychometric Test Feedback to Candidates
  • Psychometric Test Feedback to Decision-makers
  • Ethical Issues in Psychometric Testing at Work

You can opt to receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course, but PsyAsia is clear that it is up to the organization you’ll be working for whether or not they will accept this as proof of competence in psychometric testing. Watch their introductory video below:

The MOOC begins on October 7th. You can reserve your space by registering here. To check out other enrollable courses or courses to download and use as OER visit

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