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Lewis Carr will be hosting a free, live event on July 1st to help teachers and site administrators better understand options for end of year tasks and to automate the strategy to save time and effort. According to the description of the event,

In this 1 hour live interactive session, Lewis Carr will teach you how to create and automate your end of year rollover strategy and procedures using core Moodle and a few simple CSV files.

We will teach you the secret tricks of the trade to archive your current courses, retain student work and create your new courses for the start of term. Save yourselves hours of administration time every summer and reduce the need to keep separate server instances each year.

This session is completely free and delegates will receive a PDF instruction booklet and a link to the recording. In the spirit of Open Source and sharing we encourage everyone to get involved. All countries and organisations welcome.

On July 1st just go to the live Youtube session which is available at

For more Moodle-related events visit

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