In a recent update the popular block “Forum aggregator” was updated for Moodle 2.8 by its Maintainer Tõnis Tartes. The forum aggregator block has been downloaded more than 4k times till date and Favorited by only 2 persons.

Forum Aggregator Block Configuration
Forum Aggregator Block Configuration

Forum aggregator block is a customized forum block which allows teacher to choose which posts to be displayed under latest posts block on a course page. This block is an alternative for Recent News block which is tied to News Forum.
Teachers can choose one or more forums to be displayed in the block out of all forums in the course. It can display a max of 25 items as latest forum posts.
To download the latest Forum aggregator for Moodle 2.6 onwards, please check out the link:
& to download for Moodle 2.0-5 versions, please download it from :
For Moodle 1.9 you can download the block from this link:

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